The New Roman Missal

Now is the Time to Prepare for
the Roman Missal, Third Edition

New Words: A Deeper Meaning,
but the Same Mass

The Roman Missal, Third Edition, the ritual text containing prayers and instructions for the celebration of the Mass, will be implemented in the United States of America on the First Sunday of Advent, November 27, 2011. What does that mean? Picture a priest celebrating the Mass, his arms wide open as he prays, and an altar server holding a red book in front of him. Starting on the last weekend of November, in all the Catholic Churches in America, that large red book will be the Third Edition of the Roman Missal. And, the priest and the people will notice some changes to the liturgy, in particular, the words that are being said in the Mass. However, it is important to remember, the essence of the Mass remains unchanged.
We, the Church in the United States, are being blessed with the opportunity to deepen, nurture, and celebrate our faith through the renewal of our worship and the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy.
This webpage has been created and will be updated to provide you with reliable resources in order to welcome the new edition of the Roman Missal. Based upon Roman Missal Formational Materials provided by the Secretariat for the Liturgy of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 2010.

Word for Word [Edge] from Life Teen on Vimeo.


Word for Word [Teens] from Life Teen on Vimeo.