Stewardship and Development


Jesus calls each of us to be disciples. In saying "YES," we are accepting an invitation that involves much more than saying "I am a Christian." His invitation calls us to action.

Stewardship is a living response to our faith --
it is a necessary expression of what we say and believe.

 As disciples of Christ, we understand that God has blessed us with many gifts. We are called to use our gifts to do God's work to fulfill the mission set forth by Jesus.

This is Stewardship --- accepting God's gifts, caring for them in a responsible manner, sharing them in justice and love with others, and returning them in a spirit of gratitude.


Development helps people find the structures for involvement and engagement in the life of the church and the ways and means to live the mission of stewardship.

When the ministry of Development helps people to give more of their time, talent and financial blessings, it is helping them develop a deeper relationship to the Lord and live a disciple's way of life.