Mass Intentions

Offering Mass for a special Intention is a long standing tradition in the Catholic Church. It is usually considered that special graces are obtained for whom the Mass is said. Masses are offered for many reasons, for the souls in purgatory, in remembrance for someone who is deceased, or in honor of a birthday. If you would like to have a Mass said for someone, go to the Parish Office. They will help you with the dates and times which are available. Cards are then given to you so that you can mail them to whomever you choose to so they may also participate in the Mass. The stipend or offering given, signifies the sacrificial nature of giving of something of yourself to associate more intimately with Christ who offers himself in the Eucharist.


Mass Intentions/ Intenciones Misa

March 4 | 4 de marzo —March 10 | 10 de marzo

Monday | lunes - St. Casimir
                   7:00 am        Fr. Patrick
            Thomas Kuriala Cherry
12:00 pm    Fr. Orlando
                Peter Thao Do
                    6:00pm        Fr. Henry
                Ian Alexander Strong

Tuesday | martes
                  7:00 am        Fr. Patrick
                Dennis Zagarese
                  12:00 pm     Fr. Orlando
                Lynell Edmiston

Wednesday | miércoles
                  7:00 am         Fr. Patrick
            Antuca Rivera
12:00 pm    Fr. Henry
            Alejandro Solis
6:00pm        Fr. Orlando-Spanish
            Catherine Lynch

Thursday | jueves - Sts. Perpetua and Felicity
7:00 am        Fr. Henry
            Melody Phillips
12:00pm        Fr. Henry
            Ben Edmiston

Friday | viernes - St. John of God
                 7:00 am        Fr. Henry
            Elizabeth Ringham-Cruz
12:00 pm    Fr. Orlando
            Jyan Ortega-Gutierrez
6:00pm        Fr. Patrick
            Thomas Patrick Moore

Saturday | sábado - St Frances of Rome
                 8:00 am        Fr. Henry
            Vicente Oquindo
5:00 pm        Fr. Patrick
            Mardelle Cruse

Sunday | domingo-4th Sunday of Lent
4o Domingo de Cuaresma
8:00 am        Fr. Patrick
            Anthony & Martha Ho
10:00 am    Fr. Patrick
            Members of the Parish
12:00 pm    Fr. Henry
            Lucia Solis
2:00 pm      Fr. Orlando
            Marujita Castillo
4:30 pm        Fr. Henry
            Thomas Allan Gantt
7:00 pm        Fr. Orlando
            Marcelino Martinez & Exiquia Ramirez
**This schedule may be subject to change at any time due to the needs of the parish. The schedule for the month may be found on our homepage:

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