Parish Funds

The newly renovated St. Ann Center

St. Ann parish receives the majority of our financial support through contributions from our parishioners.  

Stewardship Fund (Weekly Offertory)

The contributions received from the Stewardship Fund (Weekly Offertory) support the operating costs of the parish.  For example, costs for our Religious Education programs, Administration, as well as, our Facilities and Utilities.


Click here for more information and Q&A on the Stewardship Fund

Campaign for Ministry Expansion / "Close the Gap!" Capital Campaign

If you have been around the parish, you have noticed by now that our St. Ann Center is a beehive of activity, fulfilling many different ministries that our Parish provides, touching lives in a positive way!  

The parish spent $3.5 million on the renovations on the renovations for the Center, and every penny was well spent!  The initial "Campaign for Ministry Expansion" resulted in commitments of just over $1.8 million to this need.  That leaves $1.7 million left to be raised.

Every member of this parish has the responsibility to help address this need as the building is serving every ministry in our parish, and our ability to move additional ministries forward depends on our preparedness today.

My prayer is that each parishioner will respond to help us "Close the Gap" and insure that there is no remaining debt on our St. Ann Center!

         Click here to help "Close the Gap!" 

All parishioners are asked to accept their part in the financial responsibility of the parish by participating in the Stewardship Fund and the Capital Campaign.

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