Practicing Good Stewardship

"What can I do to be a good steward and disciple of Jesus?"

Steward your time (Prayer)

Time is a gift from God.  In stewardship spirituality, we think of time and talent being connected.  But reflecting upon time alone gives further insights into the spirituality of stewardship.

A commitment of time in Prayer is essential in order to develop further our relationship with God.

Ideas for Stewardship of Prayer
   *  Read and discuss next Sunday's gospel as a household.
   *  Attend Daily Mass.
   *  Pray as a group at meals, morning, and/or evening.

Steward your talents (Service)

We have a need to use our gifts to benefit others.  There is a saying, "If you don't use it,  you lose it."  But more importantly, in using our gifts we honor the Giver of gifts. 

What will YOU do for God?

Ideas for Stewardship of Service
     *  Respect others.
     *  Forgive mistakes.
     *  Listen with your heart.
Consider sharing your talents with the community of St. Ann (click here) 

Steward your finances (Sharing)

The good steward understands that our charitable giving is based upon the key idea that we have a need to give before we give to a need.

Our need to give is our response in Love.  We given back what isn't really ours.  When God sees our response in Love, God gives us even more.  He cannot be outdone in generosity.

    *  Sort through clothing and toys.  Give some to the poor.
    *  Start a family Save-Spend-Share piggy bank.
    *  Contribute to the many worthy needs of the 2nd Collection at Mass.

      *  Share a portion of your financial blessings with your parish of St. Ann (click here)

Accountability (St. Ann Parish Annual Report)

Accountability is an important part of stewardship. As a parish, St. Ann is accountable to you, our parishioners, for reporting what was accomplished through your generosity.

Click here to view the 2009 St. Ann Annual Ministry Report

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